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"Vasudev Kutumbkam" - For a wise person, the whole world is a family

Organisation for Responsible and Communtiy-based Tourism (ORCBT) is a not-for-profit organisation regisgered under Societies Registragtion Act XXI of 1860 and has its head-office in New Delhi, India. Our aims and objectives are mentioned below:

• To promote responsible and community-based tourism so that locals can enjoy increased socio-economic benefits and improved environment.
• To develop tourism with dignity, respect and nurture local cultures so that they enrich the tourism experience and build pride and confidence among local communities.
• To minimize negative social, economical and environmental impacts of mass tourism and promote tourism which is sustainable.
• To foster the development of community-based tourism products by providing marketing, training, financial and mentoring support.
• To preserve and enhance local culture, art, handicrafts, monuments and other natural and man-made tourist resources and protect them from over-commercialisation and over-exploitation.
• To promote and ensure the respect and dignity of people in tourism, marketing and promotion of tourism.
• To create and promote forms of tourism that provide healthy interaction opportunities for tourists and locals and increase better understanding of different cultures, customs, lifestyles, traditional knowledge and believes.
• To provide tourists with authentic, educational and quality experiences e.g. by creating opportunities for them to interact with locals in an unstructured, spontaneous manner (e.g. through sports activities, visit to local schools/institutions/ organizations and participation in local festivals and events etc.).
• To involve local communities in all stages of responsible tourism development i.e. planning, decision-making and implementation of tourism development activities in their region so that the tourism is in harmony with the priorities of local communities.
• To encourage proactive participation and involvement by all stakeholders including government bodies, private sector, tourism organizations, local communities, NGOs, youth clubs etc. at all stages of tourism life cycle.
• To conduct research on different aspects of responsible and community-based tourism, make suitable plans and strategies and implement responsible tourism projects.
• To conduct market research and identify places and activities of touristic interest e.g. local music, dance, cuisine, art and craft, specialty agriculture, festivals and events etc. and use them in sustainable manner for tourism development.
• To generate employment and self-employment opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged section of the community by involving them directly in tourism services.
• To provide training and consultancy to local communities, government bodies, tourism organizations, and private sector and enable them to develop and promote responsible and community-based tourism in their areas so that positive impacts of tourism are maximized and negative one minimized.
• To organize and promote responsible and community-based tours, cultural exchange programs, student exchange programs, internships/training abroad and other such tourist activities at national and international level.
• To promote environmental awareness, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.
• To seek help and assistance from the government and public sources for the promotion of responsible tourism.
• To raise funds and to receive donations, subscription, gifts and consideration to make provision for the implementation of the above objectives.
• To take on lease, purchase or to accept as gifts any land, building or to construct structure there on which may be necessary or convenient for carrying out the above objectives.

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