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"Vasudev Kutumbkam" - For a wise person, the whole world is a family

Short Term programmes range from 2 weeks upto 2 month and students and attending classes is optional. In long-term Cultural Exchange Programmes (upto 10-12 months), students attend classes at the host Educational Institute with an option to study relevent and different subjects of interest. ORCBT offers following options:

University and School Exchange Programmes:

There programmes are organised by ORCBT and involve two participating educational institutes from different countries (Visiter and Host Institution). Visiting students attent school/college with locals students and stay with the family of local students. These programmes provide an excellent opporutnity to know about education system, family values, cultural differences, developing new perspectives and making friends abroad.

Cultural Exchange Programs:

Normally short term programmes, these are organised to cover different aspects of local culture. Students live with a local family and participate in cultural events (including festivals, ceremonies and events etc.). Students still have the option to participate in school activities including attending classes and/or visit different places of interests. The programmes covers different aspects of culture and provides an opportunity to interact with local people in natural settings and on day-to-day basis.

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